Athletic Mouthwear

UnderArmour Performance Mouthwear -
For athletes who want to protect their teeth and enhance their performance, UnderArmour Performance Mouthwear provides performance gear suitable for athletes of all sports. Different from traditional mouthguards that only provide protection, Performance Mouthwear included patented Bite Tech technology that is scientifically proven to enhance concentration, and increase strength and speed.
These custom mouthguards preventing you from clenching your teeth during training or competition. This means your body doesn’t trigger your brain to release performance-hindering hormones that can lead to decreased performance due to stress, tiredness, or simple distraction.

UnderArmour Performance Mouthguard offers the maximum protection available, suitable for:
- Football
- Hockey
- Lacrosse
- Other high contact sports.

UnderArmour Performance Mouthpiece offers protection in a comfortable design, suitable for:
- Golf
- Tennis
- Baseball
- Weightlifting
- Other limited or non-contact sports.

The Mouthwear process -
No matter whether you choose a Performance Mouthguard or Performance Mouthpiece, getting a proper fit is a quick and painless process. An impression is taken of your top and bottom teeth as well as a bite impression. Once the impressions are completed, your mouthwear will typically be ready in around 10 days. 

You can customize your mouthwear with decals, and yellow biteplates are also available.
These are designed to last! For most athletes, one mouthpiece or mouthguard will last at least the entire season. However if you chew on the product, or you have dramatic changes to your teeth or jaw, you’ll likely need to replace it sooner. 

Is Performance Mouthwear Right for Me?
Mouthwear is an excellent option for most athletes aged 8 years and up, but may not be right for everyone. If you suffer from joint pain, currently have braces, or are missing molars, you should contact Dr Toor to discuss if Performance Mouthwear is right for your needs.

Care and Cleaning
Under Armour Performance Mouthwear can be cleaned with traditional dental cleaning products. For proven tips on taking good care of your mouthwear, ask Dr Toor or your hygienist to provide you with specific instructions about the best cleaning methods. 

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